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Hanger or Hangers may refer to:
  • Hanger, a woodland area on the side of a hill - road going through this woodland may be named 'Hanger Hill'
  • Clothes hanger, device in the shape of human shoulders or legs used to hang clothes on
  • Hanger steak, a tender cut of steak
  • Casing hanger, part of a wellhead assembly in oil drilling
  • Derailleur hanger, a slot in a bicycle frame where the derailleur bolt attaches to
  • Monkey hanger, a British term for people from Hartlepool, England
  • Hanger, part of a skateboard
  • Hanger (weapon), a sword similar to a cutlass, used by woodsmen and soldiers in 17th to 18th centuries
  • Hanger, or specky, a slang term for spectacular mark in Australian rules football
  • Hangers, American slang for large, pendulous breasts
  • Hanger (barbershop music), a long note sung by one voice in a barbershop music song
  • A hanger is a vertical cable or rod connecting the roadway of a suspension bridge to the bridge's main cable or arch
  • Hanger Lane, a stretch of the North Circular Road in London, England
  • Hanger River or Anger River, a river in west central Ethiopia
  • Hangers Way, 21 mile long-distance footpath through Hampshire, England
  • George Hanger (1750-1824), English author and soldier in the American Revolution
  • Art Hanger (born 1943), Canadian politician
  • James Edward Hanger (born 1843), US Civil War veteran and founder of Hanger Orthopedic Group Inc.
  • Ben Hanger, a professional football player

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